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Film Production Announcement

From Dolphin Bay Films:

Dolphin Bay Films is pleased to announce its next feature film project written by Canadian novelist and screenwriter Sheryl Fletcher. This is projected to shoot in fall 2010, and a search is on through film festivals and major university filmmaking departments to find a talented filmmaker to helm this project as Director.

The Papergirl — Silence Is The Final Deadly Crime
A mentally handicapped young man stands accused of the murder of a 10-year-old newspaper delivery girl. Secrets, rumors, and lies work to destroy the young man’s life even as a killer still walks the town free

Sheryl Fletcher is a gifted Canadian author and she is also a dear, dear friend of mine. This upcoming project is going to be fantastic, so stay tuned for more details!

When Something is Glaringly Absent

David Koyzis posted an interesting devotional thought over at First Things. In reading through Kings, he notes that while Solomon has been given wisdom by Yahweh, he doesn’t seem to have the wisdom to consult Torah when making his decisions. Even more interesting, the narrator of Kings does not reference any of the Kings consulting Torah until 2 Kings 22:

Not until II Kings 22 do we find an indication that a king of Judah or Israel paid any attention to the law or even knew what it was. By the time godly Josiah came on the scene it had been long forgotten. What had begun centuries earlier with a supremely wise king making a just decision without reference to the law had developed into a pattern of self-reliance that had become habitual. The end result was rampant evil and injustice, which had led to the destruction of the northern kingdom, a fate the southern kingdom of Judah would soon come to share.

In the News

The Boy Scouts are trying to stay attractive in this age where campfire and fishing skills are lacking. So do they advertise the excitement of camping and fishing? Do they try a “bring a friend” to camp? No! Instead, they have added a new badge: The Video Game Badge! Scouts Canada has not yet jumped on board, but is watching closely to see what draw this new badge will have!

I know that I have definitely earned the World of Warcraft badge! (1 level 80, 3 level 70++, plus a handful of lowbie toons). Thank goodness I’m bored with it…at least until Cata comes out.

Motivational Monday

The Problem of Being a Reader

Have you ever had this happen?

You work for hours on a sermon, on a bible study, or on a paper. You read from a variety of sources to get a variety of perspectives so that you make sure that you are being faithful to the text and have considered all hermeneutical nuances. You present your sermon, bible study or paper and are pleased with the care and consideration and reverence you demonstrated for the passage in question. And then weeks or months later you just happen to read a book that changes your perspective or adds a nuance that causes you to say, “Grrr, I would have liked to have incorporated that into my message!”

I’ve experienced that twice in the last couple of weeks. The most recent example was while reading N.T. Wright’s “Jesus and the Victory of God.” Last year I did a bible study through the book of Revelation and I was very careful in my reading and research. My goal was to offer an alternative to the “left behind” theology so many Christians have when it comes to Revelation. I tried to help the group read the letter pastorally, and to keep the hyper-apocalyptic passages within the frame of the message of John rather than yanking them out to point to modern day signs and wonders. (I should note that I tend to lean towards amillenialism personally). It was a wonderful study, and I learned so much from it.

But now reading Wright, for the purpose of my Gospels class, I am struck by an interesting perspective. In chapter eight, Wright is discussing Mark 13 and the coming of the Son of Man. Referencing his previous work, “New Testament and the People of God”, he writes:

Within the mainline Jewish writings of this period, covering a wide range of styles, genres, political persuasions and theological perspectives, there is virtually no evidence that Jews were expecting the end of the space-time universe. There is abundant evidence that they…knew a good metaphor when they saw one, and used cosmic imagery to bring out the full theological significance of cataclysmic socio-political events…If this is so, the time is indeed ripe for a complete reassessment of the many passages in the gospels which have been read as evidence that either Jesus or the early church expected the end of the world.” (pg 321, italics his)

So there I sat, reading Wright for my class and thinking back to the bible study, said to myself, “Dang that would have been good to bring up for discussion.”

Sometimes it gets frustrating. But my desire to read and to learn is not quenched. And perhaps one day I’ll be able to do another study or another sermon or another paper that incorporates that which I continue to learn. That our faith-journey and sanctification is a process, I am thankful because I am not ready to “arrive”. I enjoy the learning. And it means that I have an excuse to buy more books!

Breaking News

Ontario’s Premier has backpedaled on changes to sex-ed curriculum. I can’t help but see this reversal happening not because he wants more input from parents, but that he’s protecting his butt come election time, knowing that this curriculum will tick off a lot of his supporters. From

Catholic schools had also said they would not follow the curriculum, contrary to McGuinty’s insistence that it applied to all publicly funded schools. That rift threatened to hurt McGuinty’s credibility ahead of the October 2011 election.

Bartitsu Club

If anyone is in Caronport Saskatchewan, or that general area, there is a new club starting this week.

The Caronport Bartitsu Society starts this week.

From Wiki: Bartitsu is an eclectic martial art and self-defence method originally developed in England during the years 1898–1902. In 1901 it was immortalised by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, author of the Sherlock Holmes mystery stories. Although dormant throughout most of the 20th Century, Bartitsu has been experiencing a revival since 2002.

*note a change in location: The society will meet on the lawn at the corner of 5th ave and Cottonwood for the summer months.

This club will be run by Dr. Charles Hackney, author of Martial Virtues.

“A Theology of Christian Spirituality” Book Study 8

In chapter five, Powell looks at Faith. He describes how it is both world-transcending and world-participating and Christian faith is fides qua creditur -‘the act of faith by which something is believed’ (subjective act of faith), and fides quae creditur – ‘the faith that is believed’ (content or object of the faith). (pg 70).

He looks at two problems with faith:
* The tendency to reduce faith to belief
* A spiritually healthy way of expressing the relation between faith and good works (pg 76)

Powell talks about how the Christian faith is not just about believing the right things, but it is also about a specific way of living. And this is where the church today, I believe, is failing to find balance. For some, as long as you give verbal assent to the doctrines of Christianity, you can live however you please, and there is a disconnect between worshipping in church on Sunday and living the other six days of the week. For others, living a radical life of love and justice, or living a life following the “rules” (it can be either) is more important than knowing what one believes and subscribing to an orthodox theological position of beliefs.

Powell writes:

Against this tendency pastors and theologians must labor ceaselessly in the effort to convince church members that the Christian faith is operative not only cognitively but also practically. In fact, instead of using the rhetoric of faith and practice, it would be better to speak of the intellectual or cognitive aspects of Christian faith and the ethical or practical aspects of that faith. (pg. 78)

Motivational Monday

The Place of Women