Different Blogs/Different Perspectives

People often ask me why I read so many different blogs, from so many different viewpoints. This morning, I came across the perfect example of the reason why.
In my blog reader appeared this post over at Strawberry-Rhubarb Theology:

With two things often seen in tension but actually mutually reinforcing: Calvinism and courage.
Calvinism says: The God presented to me in the Bible is so massive, so much more life-encompassing than the puny little super-god I could have conceived of on my own, that he determines the roll of the dice in Las Vegas (Prov 16:33) and the choices Obama makes (Prov 21:1) and 9/11 (Amos 3:6) and even human sin (2 Sam 24:1ff)–including the Sin of all sins, the murder of the only person who ever lived without deserving to be murdered (Acts 2:22-23; 4:27-28). This is a God so great, so magnificently in control, that he can tell us Jesus will be betrayed as it has been decreed from heaven and, in the same breath, pronounce woe on the one by whom he is betrayed (Luke 22:22).

The post immediately after it in my blog reader was this post from Quadrilateral Thoughts:

Similarly, some Christian traditions like the Calvinist one tend to see God orchestrating even the details of our lives. A very popular Christian book a few years back, The Purpose Driven Life, presented a view of life that saw God’s hand in almost everything that happens to you in life, God teaching you lessons and helping you grow in almost every detail.
However, I as someone from the Wesleyan tradition do not accept this view. For one thing, we also find passages in Scripture like James 1:13, which says no one should think that God tempts them to do wrong. “For God cannot be tempted by evil, nor does he tempt anyone.” … Some of those who take a very directive view argue that if God would allow someone to disagree with him or violate his will, then he would not truly be sovereign… Could not a parent intentionally allow a child experience the consequences of disobedience so that the child can learn, for the growth of the child?… In short, is God not sovereign enough to choose to allow people to disagree with him?

Two posts about God’s sovereignty from two different theological traditions. Two meditations. Two ways to ponder about God. Two perspectives to chew on for the rest of the day.

This is why I read so many different blogs from so many different perspectives.