Motivational Monday–Facepalm Edition

  • theimzadifan

    This was great, perfect for a Monday! Monday’s definitely require facepalms…especially when you work retail and want to do a facepalm for 80% of the people you deal with.

  • Amanda

    Hi Megan,
    Definitely agree that Mondays require facepalms.

    Checked out your blog. I like the pic of the cast of TNG, though it has to be said, Frakes is not aging well at all!

    • theimzadifan

      LOL I personally think Frakes looks pretty good to be 58. He does look better in person than in the pic…as does Marina! But, out of the castmembers I’ve seen in person, I do have to say Frakes is probably aging the worst. But to be fair, I haven’t seen Gates in person…and Patrick has most likely had work done, but I haven’t seen him up close, just on stage. I’d say Marina, LeVar and Michael Dorn have probably aged the best.

      And thanks for reading my blog, very cool of you!