Random Blog Posts and Stuff

All around the blogsphere you can find reflections on the just concluded ETS conference. Next up: SBL. Yes, there I am jealous of those who went this year. But I am very glad for the various blog posts and reflections that are coming out of the presentations.

For example:
Check out Marc Cortez’s post: Synergism is not semi-Pelagianism, ask where he interacts with Tom Schreiner’s oft repeated assertion that monergism is the only biblical way to go.

Check out Mike Wittmer’s reflection on N.T. Wright at ETS. What I appreciated about this post is the fact that Mike brings out the character and behaviour of those involved in the conference. Too often we forget that these people are human, generic and that there are feelings, and humour and sarcasm and insults that are a vital part of the dialogue process at these conferences. I remember the first time attending the ETS in Toronto, coming face to face with some of the “giants” and being completely shocked that they were nothing like what I pictured in my head (which was a good thing).

Daniel Kirk is at SBL and has a post up about N.T. Wright and the IBR. He reflects that Wright’s presentation was nothing new to those who are Wright-fans, but was still well presented. As well, Kirk has a post about how to survive at SBL without being completely overwhelmed.

And I’m really hoping Scot Mcknight posts this paper to his blog at some point. At SBL he will be giving a paper on the theology of the KJV New Testament Translation.

See also, Collin Hansen’s summary of the three positions presented by Wright, Schreiner and Theilman in the post: A Justification Debate Long Overdue.

So while I am glad for the blog posts covering these conferences, I really really hope to attend next year. So prayers would be appreciated, in particular that the finances will come together so that I can attend. 2011– San Francisco, here I come!