2010 in Review — How to Find My Blog

One of the features of WordPress is it will tell you how people get to your blog. They may click a link from another blog’s blogroll, generic or from someone linking to a particular article.

The other way is to use a search engine. WordPress tells me what phrases people typed in their search engine to find my blog.

Here are the top 10 wackiest ways people found my blog using a search engine in 2010:

10. Cheese. People have found my blog by typing in a variety of “cheese” themes: Cheese wearing clothes; Christianity and cheese; Horrible cheese; novelty cheese; sci-fi cheese; psychology of cheese.

9. Sarcastic inspirational posters. This doesn’t surprise me, given that I post demotivational posters every Monday. But someone really typed that in a search engine?

8. Examples of spineless people. I’m pretty sure that they landed on this post when they used that phrase; it’s probably not what they were looking for.

7. Should a Christian be wimpy? Again, it probably led them to the post in number 8.

6. Erotic humiliation. This was very much a “what the heck” moment when I saw this. But, they probably hit the main page on a day when I quoted from the Christian Humanist blog that used the word ‘erotic’, and further down the main page was a buffy motivational poster with the word ‘humiliation’ on it. For a PG-13 blog, the fact that they found this blog using that search query is mind-boggling.

5. Never worked in a church going to seminary. Hmmmm. Best guess is they hit on my Training Up Pastors — Going to Seminary post. Just for the record, I have worked in a church and yes I’m going to seminary.

4. Riker Beard. This one made me laugh. But I did in fact write about the famous Riker Beard.

3. Cthulhu Christmas. This obviously led to the motivational poster. But people are actually googling for “Cthulhu Christmas”?

2. how canada churchs can helps me imagrate to canada. Yup. Spelled just like that. Wow. Just wow.

1. She wants to be worshipped. I have NO idea how this phrase managed to find my blog.

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