CCM Praise Songs We Have Trouble With- A Meme

Rod over at Political Jesus tagged me to participate in a blog-post meme.

The rules:
Please try to name ONE (I know, viagra there are so many to choose from) CCM praise song that you find unbearable and at least 2-3 reasons why, pointing to specific lyrics if you must.

Rod chose Days of Elijah. (I get his reasons for choosing it; but the worship pastor in me wants to cry out “But, it’s Robin Mark!”)

My choice:
His Banner Over Me is Love by Kevin Prosch.

1. This is a song based out of Song of Songs. I tend to not read Song of Songs allegorically (as a picture of Christ and the Church), and really like the fact that we have an entire book in the Bible devoted to praising the goodness of sex. So when a church sings this song, I really want to scream: “Do you know what you’re singing?” Two lines from the song: His Banner over me is love//He brought me to his banqueting table. These are highly erotic and sexually charged. I should be singing this song to my husband.
2. The tune is catchy and the song gets stuck in my head. Written in the nineties, it has a lot of repetition and I remember one church service where the worship leader sang this song for 15 minutes. (Of course, having found the youtube video of it to embed in this post, I now have this song stuck in my head. Thanks Rod.)


Okay, I can’t choose just one (hazard of having been involved in worship leading for many years). So here would be my runners-up:
1. Sing For Joy (If We Run To Him, He Will Run to Us). It feels way too much like God’s actions are dependent on our “doing” something first.
2. In the Secret.
3. You Said.

  • Hey, well, you know, alot of CCM songs could also be love songs if you take Jesus out of the lyrics; I’m just sayin.

  • Anne Stevenson

    Yup, as a new Jesus People Christian in the 1970’s we sang His Banner Over Me is Love without the instrumentals, just the foot stompin’, hand clappin’ old version. I didn’t know anything about Song of Solomon at the time but this chorus made no sense to me then and I couldn’t bring myself to sing it. When I realized in later decades where biblically it was from and what it referred to I was mortified! haha It is a good addition to your list!

  • Anne Stevenson

    PS Oh yes, in those days in my old version KJV it was called Song of Solomon. I still think of it that way sometimes.

  • Ian

    (followed the rabbit from James McGrath’s blog)

    What a thoroughly creepy song. I haven’t come across it before, fortunately. Eugh.

  • (Also found my way here from James McGrath’s blog)
    I love this song. We sing it at church all the time and I get a kick out of where it is from. I would love to tell the kids in my youth ministry what the song is about so they would actually sing it but I’d probably get in trouble.

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