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The top 50 biblioblog list is out for February, troche as is the top 10 list. I feel so honored, Cheese-Wearing Theology had been nominated for the top 10. Granted we didn’t place, but wow! Thanks readers. And if you feel so inclined, how about nominating me again for March?


In the “I learned something today” category, it turns out you can opt-out of being in a union based on religious beliefs. From the article:

A 24-year-old woman told the Saskatchewan Labour Relations Board that her Seventh-Day Adventist beliefs forbid her from joining trade unions, a denominational tradition that reaches back to the turn of the last century. The board accepted her arguments in February but said her dues would still be collected and then diverted to a charity.
Though the woman is not a union member, she will still be subject to any collective bargaining agreements.


Christianity Today has a large article up about the different theological positions on the doctrine of hell. Of interest to me was this little tidbit on the doctrine of annihilationism:

In 1982, Houston lawyer Edward Fudge wrote The Fire that Consumes, which has become the standard reference on annihilationism. That book was heartily endorsed by noted New Testament scholar F. F. Bruce, who said he did not fit either with the church’s traditional teaching on the matter, nor quite fully with Fudge’s position. Other noted scholars who supported the book were Clark Pinnock and Greg Boyd.
Evangelicals have long been divided on the value of annihilationism. In May 1989, Regent College theologian J. I. Packer attacked the idea at the Evangelical Affirmations conference held at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. In the discussion that followed, Reformed Seminary theologian Roger Nicole argued that annihilationism should be respected as a persistent and biblical minority position among historic evangelicals. Nicole’s speech effectively defeated a motion that would have defined annihilationists as outside the evangelical camp.


Carmen, over at Seminary Mom, has announced that she has been accepted into the PhD program at Wheaton. Congrats!


DET has the announcement up for the upcoming Karl Barth Conference in June. Looks like a pretty good list of presentations!

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