Another Adventure In Anglicanism

Next week is Holy Week. The Anglican church that I’m attending has announced the various services that will be going on throughout the week. I’m impressed with how many services there are.

Palm Sunday — Palm Sunday service.

Holy Tuesday — Taize service in the evening.

Holy Wednesday — Tenebrae service in the evening.

Maundy Thursday — Service with foot-washing in the evening.

Good Friday — Two services. Morning service will be the Stations of the Cross. Afternoon service is a more traditional service.

Holy Saturday — Morning service.

Easter Sunday — Early morning service with the Lighting of the New Fire. Resurrection service at regular morning church time.

I don’t think I’ve ever been to a church that has had this much planned for Easter. There is so much to experience! Unfortunately, thumb with Easter being so late this year, tadalafil Holy Week is also Grad week here at the college, nurse which means we won’t be able to do it all.

I would love to check out the Wednesday Tenebrae service, but it’s Grad banquet night.

We’re hoping to get to the Maundy Thursday service, but it depends when the Graduation ceremony finishes.

I think we’re aiming for the Good Friday ‘Stations of the Cross’ service in the morning. I have never done the Stations of the Cross, but have been following the Station reflections being posted over at Internet Monk.

And, of course, we will be attending the Resurrection service Sunday morning.

I had assumed that Holy days like this were big deals, which means more people in attendance. But I really don’t know what to expect with this week of services. I thought Ash Wednesday was going to be packed, and instead it was very intimate.

  • Eric

    So are you hooked yet? I find non-liturgical worship so . . . different, now that I’m in an Anglican context.

    • well…it gets…complicated.

      Probably will do a post on the not cool things we’re encountering. But that will wait until after Easter.

  • Dont get me started on Taize. I had people crying at Brite when I just went all out against it. Dear Lawd!

    • Haven’t had much exposure to Taize so not quite to the point of commenting one way or another.

  • Anne Stevenson

    You may find that you will most enjoy each separate service you are attending if you keep the whole picture of the death and resurrection of Jesus in mind. Taize, Tenebrae………all are leading to the starkness of the death of Christ on the cross. Saturday’s service points to the waiting time between the cross and the resurrection in a way that is quite unique and wonderful. The services tend to become more and more meditative and dark as the week progresses, and then the joy of resurrection at the Sunday service. Oh, it is a wonderful week! Hope you are able to enjoy the services you can attend. They flow together well but each service can also stand alone adquately. Stations of the cross is my absolute favourite. It is powerful, and very well done at St. Aidan.