Martial Virtues — A Year in Review

Chuck’s first book Martial Virtues was published in 2010. The book, tadalafil looking at character development and martial arts, search combined two of Chuck’s passions: psychology and martial arts. Shortly after it was published in English, we got word that a publisher in Italy had purchased the rights to have it translated and published in Italian. A few months later, a publisher in France did the same.

Today, we got the 2010 royalty statement. We really weren’t sure what to expect. But, we were shocked when we read that in 2010 (January-December), 1,414 (English) copies of Martial Virtues were sold! That’s an average of 4 copies a day.

Okay, for some 1,414 is not a big number. But to us, it is huge. For a small book on a fairly niche topic, and for a first-time author to boot, 1,414 is amazing. Add to it, Chuck has gotten some fan letters from people who have read his book from all around the world (including an inmate on death row in San Quentin!), which means his parents weren’t the ones who bought up 1,414 copies!

So tonight we went out to celebrate. We celebrated in style by driving all the way to Regina to get Arby’s (what exciting lives we lead). Chuck’s got several projects on the go, but he is hoping to finish up a second book on Martial Arts, this one looking at Christians and Martial Arts.

To all of you who are part of that magic number 1,414, thank you.