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How different would the Top 50 Biblioblog list look like if it included a few of the blogs found on this top 200 list.


Oh look, treatment something we knew all along: Bettman’s expansion of hockey into southern states is a financial failure.

The report declared the NHL’s foray into new markets in the southern United States a failure, with the franchises consistently suffering from low fan interest and low revenues, and pointed to Canadian cities as far stronger markets for hockey.
“The biggest criticism of this report should be that it’s stating the obvious,” Keller said. “There’s just no question that these markets could support NHL teams and could generate higher revenues than the average team in the sunbelt, even the average team in the entire United States.”

And there are rumblings that the Coyotes will make their way back to Canada next season. Too bad it won’t be to Hamilton, but Winnipeg is a good place.


Grant McMillan asks Is University the New High School?

Now when provincial governments say that 70 percent of all new jobs will require post-secondary education I begin to wonder what’s driving this. As the person in my university who is responsible for admissions policies, and as someone who is highly motivated by enrolment management goals, I look forward to increased enrolment as a result. It may be a little hypocritical for me to complain, but it appears to me that the goals of university education have shifted and the goals of the government may be shifting with it.


Canadian television host Michael Coren has a new book out called Why Catholics are Right.
From Charles Lewis’ article on the book:

In his just released Why Catholics Are Right, his 13th book, the broadcaster and columnist does battle with the myriad enemies of his beloved and adopted Catholic Church. It is thoughtful and logical but built on a well of impatience and anger with those who feel they can kick around his religion.
“There is no languor and lace about me,” he said from his home in Toronto. “I don’t like it when people refuse to think.”
In Why Catholics Are Right, he is pugnacious, perhaps channelling something of the spirit of his late father, Phil, a London boxer, cab driver and Royal Air Force veteran who was the son of Polish Jews hounded out of their homeland by pogroms.

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    1. not US hockey! Just southern states US hockey. I have no problem with Detroit, Pittsburgh or Philly. 🙂

      Does the fact that my two favourite baseball teams come from the warmer US states save me at all?

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