N.T. Wright, Stephen Hawking and Heaven

So supposedly Stephen Hawking made a comment earlier this week that heaven is a fairytale. N.T. Wright has written a response over at the Washington Post:

Hawking is working with a very low-grade and sub-biblical view of ‘going to heaven.’ Of course, rx if faced with the fully Christian two-stage view of what happens after death — first, diagnosis a time ‘with Christ’ in ‘heaven’ or ‘paradise,’and then, when God renews the whole creation, bodily resurrection — he would no doubt dismiss that as incredible. But I wonder if he has ever even stopped to look properly, with his high-octane intellect, at the evidence for Jesus and the resurrection? I doubt it — most people in England haven’t. Until he has, his opinion about all this is worth about the same as mine on nuclear physics, i.e. not much.

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