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Jon Coutts writes about why he is dropping TGC blogs from his reading list:

But as we are only connected by their celebrity and influence within a big thing called evangelicalism, buy and since I have found their blogs more discouragingly mystifying than helpful, viagra and because they have not once interacted with my comments and questions, and since those of their followers who have interacted with me have not appeared to consider anything I’ve said, I have decided that their blogs are hardly worth the effort. I actually feel that my presence there has only served to solidify other commenters in their allegiance to their views.


Speaking of TGC, Kevin DeYoung wishes that Christian colleges highlight “just” moms in their promotional and alumnus materials:

So here’s my challenge: let me know if you’ve seen an alumni magazine from a Christian college that spotlights mothers, not mothers who also dance in the ballet and spin centrifuges, but mothers who are “just” mothers.
And a bonus challenge, this one for our fine Christian colleges: we’d love to see how proud you are of the half of your graduates putting their education to good use by helping their husbands, raising kids, serving in the church, and doing a hundred other amazing things that don’t look impressive to most people but should look impressive to us.


The Catholic Church in Quebec is going green. Instead of having sacramental wine sent up from California, wine used in the Eucharist will now come from a vineyard in Quebec:

It’s very symbolic,” said Norman Levesque, the man behind the initiative. “By taking bread and wine and replacing those elements with ones that are more environmentally friendly, we are touching the core of people’s faith.”
Although the practice won’t make a big difference on its own, it is one of a growing number of initiatives aimed at making churches more environmentally responsible.
Mr. Levesque is the director of Green Church, an initiative of the Montreal-based Canadian Centre for Ecumenism advising church leaders on ways to reduce their carbon footprints.
Since its launch last fall, more than 25 Montreal-area churches — Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant — have signed commitments to introduce more environmentally sustainable practices, usually involving heating, insulation and recycling.
The implementation of Quebec wine for communion is the program’s latest achievement and forges new spiritual ground.


And in the “weird news” category, there is a group of nuns who have decided to venerate Russian leader Vladimir Putin. The reason: They believe he is the reincarnation of the Apostle Paul.

“According to the Bible, Paul the Apostle was a military commander at first and an evil persecutor of Christians before he started spreading the Christian gospel,” the sect’s founder, who styles herself Mother Fotina, said.
“In his days in the KGB, Putin also did some rather unrighteous things. But once he became president, he was imbued with the Holy Spirit, and just like the apostle, he started wisely leading his flock.”

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  1. Kevin DeYoung and I both went to Hope College–it’s true they don’t put the spotlight on moms in the alumni magazine–but that’s probably true for most colleges. I think he has a good point.

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