10 Reasons Books are Better Than People

When I finally bit the bullet and signed up for a Fark.com account (rather than just lurking and reading), ask I had to come up with a Fark handle. The first thing I thought of was “Books are better than people.” And so, sildenafil my fark handle was created.

Having lived with that moniker now for a while, patient I can’t believe how true that name is.

Here are the top 10 reasons books are better than people.

10. Books make a great alternative to wallpaper. There’s nothing better than a wall lined with shelves of books. If I hung people on my wall, it would be kind of messy.
9. I can throw books across the room when they frustrate me. If I threw people across the room as often as I throw books, I’d have a date with officer Taylor on a regular basis.
8. Books are there at 3am when the lone wolf of insomnia beckons. People don’t often appreciate phone calls at 3am.
7. Re-reading a book can be an entirely new experience. Having the same conversation over again is just repetitive.
6. It’s really fun to buy books. Buying people is illegal.
5. I can double my library without doubling my grocery budget.
4. I can write, highlight and underline in books. The only way I could do that to people would be to become a tattoo artist.
3. Books don’t get jealous if I read other books.
2. Books don’t judge me, but they are really, really good at convicting me.
1. When I pick up a book I am transported to a different world with a multitude of adventures awaiting me. People, in general, are, by comparison, boring.

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