Random Blog Posts and Stuff

Melissa at Sign on the Window writes about how to survive doing a seminary degree and an M.Div field placement while having young kids at home.

Like all things in seminary having young children requires endurance, cialis creativity, forethought and a re-channeling of one’s expectations. But it is doable and there are lots of people who can help to make it work.


Briercrest is launching a new Masters Degree this fall: MA Biblical Languages and Exegesis (MABLE for short). Luke Johnson has posted the program/course sheet. Check it out here. It makes me very tempted to flip from theology back to biblical studies! Oooh! Maybe I’ll do both degrees 🙂


Here’s a new blog to add to your Google Reader. Jon Coutts and friends have launched Out of Bounds a group blog on theology. Check out the newest post in which they begin to explore the idea that All Theology is Christology.


Roger Olson writes Why Theology is Necessary for Ministry.

Without theology–correctly understood–ministry becomes little more than church administration and spiritual therapy–“ecclesiastical bean-counting” and “chicken soup for the church-going soul.” Now please don’t get me wrong–there’s nothing bad about church administration or spiritual therapy unless they are disconnected from theology. Any Christian function needs theology to be “thick” as opposed to thin. Shallowness, tediousness, futility follow all kinds of “ministry” devoid of theology just as theology disconnected from ministry leads to ivory-tower, academic speculation irrelevant to the needs of real people struggling with real life.