College and the Entitlement Generation

From the Globe and Mail:

But don’t take his word for it. Many students openly admit their goal is to succeed with the least amount of effort. And many universities make this easy for them. It isn’t hard to find courses where you can get good marks even if you don’t show up. Professors say it’s not uncommon for 30 per cent or 40 per cent of their students to skip any given class. And students strenuously object if they don’t get the marks they feel entitled to. “They got 80 per cent in high school and, diagnosis when they get 62 per cent, they’re mad,” says Prof. Coates. “They bring assignments in late and think we’ll mark them without penalty.”

Just thought I’d post this BEFORE the mid-terms and papers start rolling in for all my professor friends.

One thought on “College and the Entitlement Generation

  1. Hopefully, Professors everywhere will continue to stand strong. This attitude easily carries into the marketplace where 20 somethings expect promotions in exchange for a poor work ethic. It’s quite a rude awakening the first time they are simply “let go”.

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