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John Stackhouse talks about his contribution in the new book, case The Spectrum of Evangelicalism:

Immediately, cialis of course, buy the problem surfaces that we four can’t possibly represent the wide, wide range of evangelical varieties, even if you narrow the field to middle-aged, white, North American, baptistic, male, middle-class, Anglophone theological professionals. (You noticed that that does narrow the field a bit, did you?) It doesn’t even begin to represent the variety of theological approaches, let alone the varieties of evangelicalism along other axes (e.g., liturgy, social action, ecclesiology, ad infinitum).

What would Jesus hack?:

“The kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these,” Jesus said of little children. But computer hackers might give the kids some competition, according to Antonio Spadaro, an Italian Jesuit priest. In an article published earlier this year in La Civiltà Cattolica, a fortnightly magazine backed by the Vatican, entitled “Hacker ethics and Christian vision”, he did not merely praise hackers, but held up their approach to life as in some ways divine. Mr Spadaro argued that hacking is a form of participation in God’s work of creation.

Roger Olson clarifies what he means by “against Calvinism”:

Tenth, and finally, I am “against Calvinism” that is unreflective which is the case with many of the “young, restless, Reformed” young people. They are being swept up in a movement without seeing its weaknesses or flaws and without knowing there are good reasons equally committed Christians don’t adopt Calvinism and without knowing there are other theological options that are biblically sound, traditional (in terms of the ancient churches before Augustine), reasonable and that are consistent with evangelical spirituality (e.g., petitionary prayer).

Is there less religious tolerance in Canada post 9/11?

A majority of Canadians say society has become less tolerant of various ethnicities and faiths since the 9/11 terrorist attacks, a new study shows.
Over half of Canadians surveyed in an Ipsos Reid poll for Postmedia News and Global TV said that Muslims are discriminated against more now than they were 10 years ago. However, Canadian Muslim groups say the impact of 9/11 was good and bad on the Muslim community.


Guess what? Technology in the classroom isn’t an absolute success.

And whatever you do, don’t just throw up all your notes and lectures online, because students won’t bother showing up, he said. In fact, the students in the survey said they were more likely to skip class if the materials were posted on the Internet.


4 thoughts on “Random Blog Posts and Stuff

  1. I had read Olson’s comments on the book a few days ago and just read Stackhouse’s comments today. Both men seem humble and balanced about who is included in the term “evangelical.” I can’t wait to read the book.

    Regarding the New Calvinism, my first instinct is to just keep on keeping on, living out Jesus the best way I know how and let the “middle-aged, white, North American, baptistic, male, middle-class, Anglophone theological professionals,” fight this out. Unfortunately, I have the sinking feeling that I’m going to have to start actively defending my Arminian theology…soon.

    1. Leslie,
      It looks like a great book. It’s definitely on my list to read.

      “Unfortunately, I have the sinking feeling that I’m going to have to start actively defending my Arminian theology…soon.”

      Some days doesn’t it just feel like the YRR movement is taking over the internet?

      1. Yes. Yes it does. I don’t mind theological debate at all, but what I do mind is the opinion held by some (but only some) YRRs (and sometimes they’re not that Y), that Calvinism is the ONLY option for a Jesus-centered, biblically-oriented faith.

        On the up side, they HAVE forced me to become more educated about the issues surrounding the debate. I can now confidently articulate what I think rather than just slinking off without questioning their assumptions. The hardest thing is not to get all snarky and condescending. And that’s really REALLY hard sometimes-just because I’m so naturally sarcastic.

        Keep up the good fight.

        Hey, did you see my blog post about The Great Blog Experiment?

  2. Leslie,
    I did see it. I’ve bookmarked it, because I’m working on a follow-up post to the GBE to go up next month, and I’ll be referencing your post.

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