2011 A Year in Review — Top Posts

10. The Great Blog Experiment: What would happen if I made myself anonymous on my blog?

9. Theologians Who Just Happen to be Female: Female theologians are not just writing about feminism. In fact, there there are some amazing contributions being made in the areas of Christology, treat ecclesiology, soteriology and much, much more.

8. Malcolm Reynolds’ Loss of Faith Part Two: Guest Series by Charles Hackney

7. Christian Female Bloggers that I Read: An updated list in honour of Girly-Girl Week.

6. Malcolm Reynolds’ Loss of Faith Part One — Firefly and the Psychology of Religion: Guest series by Charles Hackney

5. The Gender Difference — Pulling Apart Leviticus 12: There are several possible explanations as to why the Levitical law distinguished between 40 days following the birth of a male child and 80 days following the birth of a female child.

4. Is Star Trek Friendly to Christianity?: I would argue that the Star Trek universe doesn’t become comfortable with religion until DS9…

3. Rob Bell Round-up: I am doing this round-up mostly for my benefit so I can keep track of the hoopla. But feel free to use it if you want to see what all the fuss is about.

2. Game of Thrones — A Final Review: The vastness of the universe created by Martin is lost in the adaptation to the small screen. The show fails to present the nuances of the rules of honour and chivalry of the world, which means that for a modern audience watching the show, the actions of certain characters seem barbaric instead of justifiable or even noble.

1. Complementarianism — The Litmus Test for Faithfulness: I get that there are different positions on women in ministry. And I respect churches’ rights to decide the qualifications of a pastor (meaning I won’t go crusading to change a congregation that refuses to ordain women). But what frustrates me to no end is the idea that to be an egalitarian, and worse a female pastor, is unfaithful, unChristian and unwise.