Another Adventure in Anglicanism

I read some sad news today. Christianity Today is reporting that the Anglican Mission in America, buy which was set up as an anglican communion alternative to the Episcopal church has broken away from the Rwandan diocese that was governing them.

The article ends with a quote:

“The liberals in the Episcopal Church are having a field day, buy cialis ” he added. “They’re saying, ‘They split once, and now they’ve split again. It must go to show that they are rebels at heart and not really motivated by any gospel imperative.”

Unity is important. Is it actually attainable this side of glory? I’m not sure. But, I grieve for the whole situation. I sure hope that the ‘liberals’ won’t gloat over this new development, but will instead lift it up in prayer.

To my Anglican readers, what do you think the implications of this new split will be on the work and mission of the conservative branch of North American Anglicanism? Was this conflict with the bishops in Rwanda inevitable?
Is this just more evidence of the brokenness of the entire Anglican tradition?

[update]: more on this story can be found over at Anglican Ink.

One thought on “Another Adventure in Anglicanism

  1. Such brokenness underlies every denomination by the very fact that they are a denomination. (Especially, the non-denominational denomination!) I grew up Conservative Baptist, have been Presbyterian USA for awhile, and now attend an Episcopal Church. I am saddened every time I see the brokenness come to the fore. Christ is all and he will redeem.

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