A Footnote Gem

I love footnotes.

I hate endnotes.

I hate having to flip to the back of the book, viagra and very often, I won’t. Well, today as I was reading Jim Payton’s Getting the Reformation Wrong, I came across a footnote that made me smile. In chapter four Dr. Payton discusses the personal conflicts between the reformers, in particular Luther in opposition to Bucer, Zwingli and Oecolampadius. He writes about how Luther was belligerent (irascible,grumpy, mean, a pain in the butt) and had a tendency to label those who disagreed with him the ‘minions of Satan.’ The footnote says this:

In a letter to Zwingli, Bucer sharply expressed his irritation, declaring that Luther’s doctrinal tyranny was worse than what the church had suffered under the bishops of Rome; in a later letter to friends in Strasbourg, Bucer urged them to recognize that God had granted a great gift in Luther, but that they had to accept him as he was. Working for peace in the church would require them all, he noted, to put up with a lot from Luther.” (pg. 113)

It made me smile. Don’t we all have that one person in our church, life, school, family that we have “to put up with a lot from” for the sake of peace? And isn’t it nice to know that there is a place for cantankerous people in the body of Christ? (because, let’s face it, some people would probably say that I’m irascible, though I don’t know that I’ve ever called anyone a minion of Satan)

Now if that had been tucked in an endnote I never would have read it!

  • I’ve been called a minion of Satan. Does that count? 🙂