All Things Barth

Thanks to Darren over at Out of Bounds for pointing us to this treasure: a website devoted to Karl Barth, case which includes video clips of Barth.

Barbara Zellweger, diagnosis Karl Barth’s great-granddaughter, has just launched an astonishing new Web site devoted to her great-grandfather, at Go browse it and bookmark it now!
Included in the Multimedia section is a large collection of photos, and those audio clips of Barth’s “Evangelical Theology” lectures in Chicago and Princeton that a few of us have heard before. But brand new are three video clips of Karl Barth in the flesh, extracts from the documentary film JA und NEIN, Karl Barth zum Gedaechtnis (1967), directed by Heinz Knorr and Calwer Verlag.

Check it out!

  • “I always took delight in the matter that I represented. Whether I argued for it with a ‘yes,’ or, correspondingly, with a ‘no.'”

    What an outstanding attitude for a scholar to maintain!