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New research over at Ed Stetzer’s blog suggests that the Young, check Restless and Reformed movement of Calvinism isn’t growing among mainline or non-mainline churches. I find this fascinating given how how prolific their blog/web presence seems to be:

Some highlights of the research:

• 29% are strongly neither – strongly disagree with both the Calvinist and Arminian labels
• 12% are strongly Arminian – strongly agree to being theologically Arminian and strongly disagree to being Calvinist
• 10% are strongly Calvinist – strongly agree to being theologically Calvinist and strongly disagree to being Arminian
• 4% are strongly confused – strongly agree to being both theologically Calvinist and Arminian
• Pastors under age 45 are more likely than other age groups to strongly disagree they are Arminian

Lots of questions remain. There is an assumption out there that Calvinism is growing (hence the books we discussed in the video), but we do not see it nationally through this study. Both people who like and those who dislike Calvinism see such growth, but we do not see it in the survey– and, for that matter, we cannot tell if the 2006 SBC graduate trend continued.


Daniel Kirk dons a hoodie:

And, so, in solidarity with black Americans, who apparently must continue to live in fear that merely the color of their skin will make them objects of violence, I am taking up the theme of the “million hoodie march” and changing my online profile pictures to this…I cannot be in New York or Philadelphia for a million hoodie march, but I can show my little corner of the world that I stand against the evil of racial hatred and the violence that comes from profiling.

Has anyone been compiling a list of the Christian websites or blogs that have been addressing the tragic death of Trayvon Martin? I know that John Piper has written about it. Who else?

Leslie writes A Blogger Remind Other Bloggers Why We Blog:

Some bloggers are, first and foremost, writers. But some are pastors, or professors, or students, or techies, or lawyers, or booksellers, or members of a small band of revolutionaries trying to change the world. Yes, blogs need to be easy to locate, navigate and read. And like anyone to whom God gives even a small platform, bloggers should be committed to becoming better communicators by listening to the people who can help them do it. But rankings, hits, subscribers, and blogrolls are not why we write.

And if they are, we become susceptible to the temptation of saying to God that the voice He has given us isn’t the one we want.

When it happens (and it is a “when,” not an “if”) that a blogger begins to give in to the siren song of thinking that maybe the voice that God has given them should start sounding more like all the other voices (1 Corinthians 12 comes to mind here), it’s time stop writing, at least for a little while, and spend some time in silence listening.

Adam Nigh asks did Jesus’ death satisfy God’s wrath?:

Does God need the death of Christ in order to love us? No! We do! Does his sense of justice stand in his way of him loving us until Christ satisfies it, only then leaving him free to love us? No! It was because God loved us that he sent his only Son (John 3:16)! It is us that need justice to be satisfied. It is us that need the law in order to know that we are sinners (Romans 7:7) and us that need the demands of the law fulfilled on our behalf.


And it is all Eric‘s fault that I want to reactivate my World of Warcraft account. Either that or have a Big Bang Theory marathon. Oh, or both at the same time! All because he sent me this clip on Facebook:

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  1. Amanda,

    Thanks for mentioning my post.

    In answer to your question about Trayvon Martin, Natalie Burris wrote one of the first posts I saw about this issue. It seems to me that she picked up on it before almost anyone else in the Twitterverse-even before it started “trending” in evangelical circles. It’s a thought-provoking piece that caused me no little amount of uncomfortable self-examination: http://natalie.typepad.com/my_weblog/2012/03/privilege-and-silence-of-white-beyond-evangelicals.html

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