Blogs That Challenge Me or, The Importance of Reading Blogs I Disagree With

Someone asked me, prostate “Amanda, why do you read TGC if it frustrates you so much?”

Ah yes, the million dollar question.

My blog reader is full of all kinds of blogs. Some are blogs that encourage me, others are blogs that remind me how diverse and beautiful the Body of Christ really is. And still others frustrate me to no end. As will be seen, it is not just Young, Restless, Reformed blogs that belong on this list of blogs that challenge me.

Reading blogs that challenge me, accomplishes several things:

1. It reminds me that I am not always right. I know, it’s shocking isn’t it? Amanda is not always right.

2. It challenges me to think through why I believe what I believe on certain issues. On several issues, I have learned that I believe what I believe not “just because” but because I have theologically wrestled through the issues and spent time in prayer and study on the issue.

3. It reminds me what the essentials are. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Christian Unity means affirming the essentials, and allowing space for the non-essentials. (Ultimately, it comes down to this)

4. It gives me something to write about on the blog. Let’s face it, sometimes the best blog material comes from wrestling through the areas of disagreement. And as everyone knows, if you post a response to something Mark Driscoll has said, it is bound to create a stir.

5. Just because I disagree with the content of certain blogs does not mean that I cannot learn from them.Sometimes these blogs actually have valuable content that I don’t disagree with. This has happened, surprisingly, numerous times over at TGC, including a fantastic post this week on the relationship between pastors and theologians.

So, without further ado, here are some of the blogs that challenge me; blogs that I read and will continue to read even when they frustrate me and make me question the future of Christianity. Some of these are on the list because I have theological and philosophical disagreements with them, and others because I think they push their agenda too far and too hard at the expense of promoting Christian charity.

The Gospel Coalition: including Justin Taylor and Kevin DeYoung‘s blogs.

Feminism and Religion.

Experimental Theology by Richard Beck.

Denny Burk.

Women in Theology.

Tim Challies.

Homebrewed Christianity. (speaking of, check out this week’s Christian Humanist podcast that takes a gentle swipe at the folks at HC, for being “I am so Christian I look atheist”)

Anglican Samizdat.

Jesus Needs New P.R. by Matthew Paul Turner.

What blogs challenge you?

  • “Amanda is not always right.”

    I’m bookmarking this for future use. 😛

  • I have a couple of atheist blogs I read too. I always want to make sure I’m listening even if I disagree.

  • thanks for the link love. I am not sure why the Christian Humanists need to associate the Homebrewed stylings with Pete Rollins since we were the ones that challenged him to give up Atheism for lent!