Gaps In My Education

I am officially at the halfway mark in my year of chaos. (technically, store it’s called something else, capsule something with double hockey sticks, doctor but you get the idea). I have done four classes, and there are only four left. One of the classes is next month, and the rest are in the fall.

Here at the halfway mark, I have stopped to pause and think about areas that I have not studied and would like to study at some point to round out my theological education. Most of the classes that I would like to study are classes that aren’t currently offered at Briercrest.

Hebrew: This is offered at Briercrest, and I’m planning to pick it up in the fall of 2013, when my thesis should be almost done.

Septuagint: I find it interesting that the LXX is neglected in Bible colleges and in Protestantism in general, especially given that the early Church used the LXX and not the Hebrew text for their Old Testament, and saw it as authoritative.

Apocrypha: I’ve only read Maccabees. It would be interesting to learn about the other books of the Apocrypha, their content, historical context, and when and why Protestants chose to not include them in their canon.

Medieval Theology:
I tend to go from Patristics and jump over to the Reformation in my theological and historical studies.

Eastern Orthodox theology: I would like to study this mainly because the western church largely ignores the east, and that’s a shame.

History and Theology of Marriage, Celibacy, and Sexual Ethics: In Patristics class earlier this month, we spent some time looking at how Christian apologists used celibacy as evidence of the power of the Christian faith. Christians could remain celibate, even though it was understood in the larger culture that sex was a primal urge that could not and should not be controlled. As well, my brief study of the rise of the role of the pastor’s wife requires further study.

5 thoughts on “Gaps In My Education

  1. I’m sure Boethius will be able to cope with your neglect of medieval Christian thought. After all, he has philosophy to console him.

  2. I think it’s awesome you are working to be the best theologian that you can be by covering all of your weak points. I tried to do the same thing when I was doing my Masters’.

    1. Of course the problem, if I fill these gaps I’ll find different gaps and have to fill those as well. Why does education have to be so expensive?

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