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Charles Lewis at the National Post interviews Michael Coren, salve who says that Christianity is most abused faith on earth. He’s good at pushing buttons, diagnosis and he pushed mine a little when he said, cialis “First of all, forget mainstream Protestants (Anglican, United Church, etc.). They’re barely Christian anymore, and they’ll accept anything.” Another notable quotable from the interview:

Christians are marginalized, they’re mocked, they’re told their views don’t belong, they’re told to keep their views out of the public square and keep their religion at home. And where it can be quite sinister is at universities where Christian students they’re told that their ideas are stupid. I’ve even seen it with my children who are in university. Somehow Christianity is not a valid area of thought any longer. You can bring your socialism, your feminism, your homosexuality, your anti-Zionism into the class but if you bring your Christianity that’s not to be taken seriously.

Check out the group session at Calgary Con when the entire cast of Star Trek:TNG sits down for a time for Q and A. There’s also a special guest and a special questioner who make appearances:

Part one, two, three, four, five.


Nick Phillips writes, What the Church can learn from Canadian politics:

…There are a lot of young people inside (and sadly outside) of the church with a lot of great ideas for helping people get to know Jesus Christ yet their voices are not being heard because the current leadership seems to be unable to shift their thinking enough to hear some of these ideas.
It’s not hard to do really, so I’m not trying to place any blame here. But when you’ve been doing the same thing for a generation it’s often hard to hear something that may be quite different.
The problem is, these are the people we are trying to reach. We are into our third generation of seriously decreased church cultured people. The few we have in the church need to be nurtured into being the new leaders so the church can be a priority once again in our communities.


Brian LePort asks Is it Ethical to Watch Football?, and takes a swipe at MMA in the process:

I find myself a bit confused by those who watch and enjoy Mixed Martial Arts. It is blood sport and savagery. I’ve told myself that the NFL is better. MMA aims to harm people. Boxing aims to harm people. The NFL aims to keep a ball from crossing the line, right? Well, maybe not the Saints.

And best picture of the day comes courtesy of Joel Watts:

  • I really enjoyed that. And I was reminded of the idea that if you want to achieve different results, you have to do things differently.

  • I’m keeping that image. I might start including it in my Intro Psych syllabi. 🙂