Chatting With Marian Call

Last year, treat a friend introduced me to the music of Marian Call, capsule specifically her album Got to Fly that was inspired by the Joss Whedon’s Firefly. I have been hooked ever since. Not only is Marian a fantastic artist and songwriter, buy cialis she has also been named one of the Top Geeks to Follow on Twitter . And, on top of that, she is from Alaska (and as all my cheese-wearing readers know, my husband was raised in Alaska and still considers it home, so Alaska is awesome!!!!).

Marian is touring Western Canada next week, and I thought it would be a neat idea to chat with Marian and introduce y’all to her.

A: Welcome to Cheese-Wearing Theology Marian! Okay, first off, can you tell our readers about your typewriter and the role it plays in your music?

M: I have always been a word nerd — I love how words sound and feel, and I obsess about rhymes. The typewriter always felt sort of like a fitting totem for me — I use it as a rhythm instrument, I travel with it, but it’s more than that — it’s a symbol of who I am, old-fashioned, literate, analog, a bit outdated, but solid. I love my typewriters.

A: Your newest album is Something Fierce, which was funded largely by fan donations. The album has a great jazz/rock feeling to it. What is the inspiration/theme of this album?

M: This album is very autobiographical; it’s about a lot of my own experiences, deep and painful as well as joyous — from divorce and abandonment to courage and hope. It’s about what moving to the North has done to me; Alaska has been a major influence in my art and changed me as a person, so I feel I wrote a lot of songs for ‘Something Fierce’ that I could never have written without Alaska looking over my shoulder. Also — I’ve been kind of into spaceships, so there’s quite a bit of that.

A: You’re Canadian concerts are going to be in a house concert format. What can concert goers expect from at these concerts?

M: They don’t need to know everyone there, or even the host; it’s just like a concert you’d hear at a coffeehouse, with maybe someone you know but mostly strangers — the benefit is, there are no people talking during the music, it’s less expensive, it’s extra intimate. I as an artist usually get time to talk with everyone there. People who go to their first house concert with me usually become converts; it’s one of my favorite ways to hear and share music.

A: Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

M: I love playing in Canada — I have really fallen in like with driving up and down the Al-Can and exploring your cities, from the Yukon to Quebec! I’m excited to see some of you again and meet others for the first time. And I’d love to find you on Twitter — I’m @mariancall.

If you haven’t heard Marian’s music before, check out some of my personal favourites:

Marian’s Canadian tour schedule:

Edmonton, AB // Mon. 06.18.12 – Happy Harbor Comics

Calgary, AB // Tue. 06.19.12 – House Concert

Regina, SK // Wed. 06.20.12 – House Concert

Winnipeg, SK // Thu. 06.21.12 – House Concert

Be sure to check out her website for more details on how to buy tickets.

  • Thanks so much for sharing this. First exposure to Marian Call.
    Regards. Hope your lecture on Barth went well.