Living in Caronport

Well we are officially under a tornado watch. The epicenter of the storm is supposedly a 100 km circle around Moose Jaw, which means we’re right in the middle of it.

From the official community email:

With the recent predictions of an increased risk of severe weather in our area, the Fire Dept. wants to remind Caronport residents that the lower floor of the Food Services building (Green Room) and the lower hallways of the high school/college/music rooms will be available for residents who want to seek shelter. These structures are deemed to be among the safest in our community during a storm and have several exits for after a possible event passes over. If the local Fire Dept. receives adequate warning ahead of a pending tornado, fire trucks with sirens will circle through the residential areas to give warning. American statistics indicate that those living in mobile home parks are at higher risk of injury/death from tornados. There are also many good websites that give advice on the making preparations and finding the safest places to take refuge in your own home; small windowless rooms on the lowest level of your home are usually thought to be safest.
Rod Appleby, Fire Chief

So the Cheese-wearing family is sticking close to home with a well stocked basement all ready to go just in case.

Prayers would be appreciated, especially for those Caronport families that live in mobile homes.

  • Charles

    If worst comes to worst, don’t hesitate to eat the children.