#mutuality2012 The Role of Women in the Reformation


Rachel Held Evans is hosting a week of mutuality on her blog. As part of this synchroblog event, I will be doing two things: One, I will be highlighting posts that I have written on the subject; and two, myself and Leslie Keeney over at The Ruthless Monk will be posting about encouraging women to attend this year’s ETS annual conference that is coming up in the fall. We want to write about this now so that people have plenty of time to prepare and plan to come.


Earlier this year, I did a series on the role of women in the Reformation, including:

A Dearth of Documents
Life for Women in Munster under Jan Mathjis and Jan Leiden
Gender in Anabaptist Circles in the Reformation
Education for Women in the Reformation: My Brain Wears Man Pants!
It’s Not a Throwback to the 50?s; It’s a Throwback to the 1500?s

These posts were some of the throwaway ideas I had related to a paper I was writing on invectives against women during the Reformation. Once that paper is graded by the prof, I’m hoping to post sections of it here on the blog to finish out the series.