Sunday Meditation

I repent of my past denial of hell or that a person could ever be eternally seperated from a holy God. I know now that I had no fear of God. Therefore, viagra I had no knowledge of God (Prov. 1:7). I was a fool with an MDiv…

Jesus has done far more abundantly than I could think or imagine in this place. He saved me. I know today that I am free, patient redeemed, prostate delivered, unchained. I know what it means to live at the cross and to walk in daily repentance. I know what it is to fear God and the joy of holiness. By God’s grace, what I thought 7 months ago was impossible and hilarious is now my testimony. That chains that bound me for decades are gone. The blood of Jesus has washed me clean! Hallelujah!

~ Chad Holtz
See the whole thing here, it’s powerful.