Theology Around the Blogosphere — August 2012

Theology in General:

Darren on faith, order politics and evangelical culture. Derek Maris looks at Moltmann’s political hermeneutics. Jeff Clarke writes about Christianity and the role of politics. Allan Bevere on Science and the Eschatological Challenge to Theology: one, doctor two, sick three.

Should oneness pentecostals be rebaptized? Scot McKnight agrees with John Piper. Roger Olson talks about Clark Pinnock. Michael Patton on the five mysteries of the Christian Faith.

Travis McMaken writes about theological blogging and belligerence and how debate and disagreement is vital to the development of theology. A look at the significance of the Catholic doctrine of the assumption of Mary. Carson Clark talks about why he won’t be swimming the bosphorus any time soon (that is, converting to Eastern Orthodoxy). Rachel hosts Ask an Indigenous Theologian.

Is paradox a helpful term for theology? The importance of Christ-centered theology. Roger Olson asks “What’s Wrong with Panentheism?” How is theology done? Tim Challies did a series on holiness, mercy and the wrath of God.

What’s wrong with Calvinism by Jerry Walls. Trevin Wax writes an open letter to his Calvinist friends. Frank ponders the tendency of evangelical theology to be of an ahistorical quality.

Theology and Science Fiction:

Rod started a series on Batman and Religion. Speaking of Batman, Richard Beck writes about the theology of The Dark Knight Rises. Josh takes a look at death and resurrection and the Japanese Manga “Bleach”.

Scripture, Hermeneutics and Inerrancy:

Daniel Kirk takes a brief look at what saying “the Bible is Inspired” means. Speaking of Inspiration, Stephen Bedard points us to a quote from C.S. Lewis. Matthew Malcolm looks at Narrative Theology and Rhetoric in N.T. Wright’s latest article “Israel’s Scriptures in Paul’s Narrative Theology.”


Turns out a group of bishops is called ‘a sherry of bishops.’ Question: What is a Christian leader? Answer: “a guardian of the apostolic gospel.” Ben Witherington on the anti-ecclesial rhetoric of the Emerging Church. Tony Jones’ response to Ben Witherington’s article about the emerging church. Andy Smith looks at race and the Emergent church.

Life of an Academic; Life of a Student:

ETS has announced a scholarship opportunity for a student member to attend this year’s ETS. Michael Bird begs all of his students to read the book “How to Write a Theology Essay” before they write a paper for his class. Brad laments the growing use (overuse) subjunctive tense in academic writing. Michael Fletcher offers 8 tips for being a productive student. John Frame’s advice to theology students.

How to be a Christian in academia. Myk Habets on early career publishing and how much should be done in those first few years, including doing at least 10 critical book reviews a year!

Brian LePort offers some advice on applying to seminary and grad schools, and he looks at the financial cost of going to seminary. He also gets realistic about his job prospects and offers reasons why he’s still planning on pursuing doctoral studies. Pete Enns gets kind of Eeyore about the job prospects for PhD grads.

Gender, Sex, and Women in Ministry:

Leslie Keeney offers her third and final post on the Trinity and Gender. Don Carson writes about why the term complementarianism was created over against the term patriarchy. And TGC has posted the reason why it’s Complementarian.

TC writes about his current approach to the issue of women’s ordination. Sue offers her thoughts on the comp/egal debate. Daniel Kirk looks at sex and hierarchy.

Scot points us to Judith, friend of Junia. Kait Dugan looks at Marriage and Creation through the lens of Galatians 3:28. Marc Cortez writes about the theology of sexuality and the image of God.

Carl Trueman, a Reformed complementarian, asks why TGC elevates complementarian to a doctrinal distinctive, when they don’t do the same for a specific mode of baptism. Denny Burk responds to Carl Trueman and compares Egalitarianism to a mole, it may or may not be cancerous, but it’s safer to have it surgically removed than to leave it alone.

Reviews and Book Announcements:

T&T Clark announces two new books due out in September from their Philosophy and Theology series:
Deleuze and Theology by Christopher Ben Simpson, and Ricoeur and Theology by Dan R. Stiver. Daniel Kirk continues his journey through Daniel Boyarin’s The Jewish Gospels: The Story of the Jewish Christ, one, two, three. Brian LePort takes a look at Jack Levison’s Fresh Air: The Holy Spirit for an Inspired Life.

Gavin’s reading The Glory of the Atonement: Biblical, Theological, and Practical Perspectives. John Webster has a new book of collected essays. Mark Stevens reviews Darrell Bock’s “A Theology of Luke and Acts.”

Kyle Strobel points us to the new book on Jonathan Edwards and Justification. Dustin Resch’s new book on Karl Barth’s Interpretation of the Virgin Birth is available from Ashgate. Nijay Gupta reviews Biblical Hermeneutics – Five Views. Ken Schenck is walking through Grudem’s Systematic Theology.

Lisa Robinson is re-reading Jack Deere’s Surprised by the Voice of God. James Rogers reviews N.T. Wright’s How God Became King. Hans Madueme reviews Peter Enns’ The Evolution of Adam. Peter Enns responds to Hans Madueme. Gavin Ortlund and Kevin DeYoung dialogue about Kevin’s book “A Hole in our Holiness.” Cameron West reviews Miroslav Volf’s Allah: A Christian Response. Check out the Studies in Theology and the Humanities Journal out of Japan.

Interviews and Announcements:

Michael Bird talks with Colin Kruse about his commentary on Romans. Dr. Ralph Powell, professor of theology at North American Baptist Seminary, and Roger Olson’s mentor, passed away on August 7th, at the age of 96. Mike Licona and Dale Martin will be doing two presentations/dialogues/debates on the Resurrection at St. Mary’s University and Acadia University in Nova Scotia in October.

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