What I’m Working On

It’s been a little slow here at Cheese-Wearing Theology. I’m currently finishing up my mod class on Christology. I have to do a review of Moltmann’s Jesus Christ For Today, tadalafil and I’m doing my major paper on Barth’s understanding of “The Word Became Flesh” in John 1 (I’m primarily looking at his commentary Witness to the Word).

It’s been a busy summer. Not only have I been trying to do schoolwork while not having regular, structured childcare for the little cheese-wearers, Chuck’s been busy teaching classes, prepping for the fall, and preparing to speak a psychology conference in the fall. I’ve been making jam and baked goods to sell at the Caronport Farmer’s Market every Saturday as a way to make some money to pay for the textbooks I need in the fall. On top of all that, our 20 year old car has entered the “something breaks every month” stage.

I also have to start prepping for my three fall classes: Spiritual Formation, Research Methods, and Pauline Epistles. Realistically, I can’t really start prepping until I get this Christology work done (due date August 24th). We’re entering the home stretch of my degree. Just these three classes and then on to thesis in the winter.

Needless to say, it’s been a stressful summer and it will probably be an action-packed fall. I’m starting to feel it: I’m tired. I’m weary. I’m hot. And I have no creative thoughts bopping around in my head (which is really, really rare).

Prayers would be appreciated.

  • Ginger Hackney

    Amanda, I am praying that you’ll see God’s truth shining through the literature, and that those times of discovery will excite you and energize you. You’re in the home stretch like the runners in the olympics. Reach deep inside and go for the gold!

  • Who is teaching Pauline Epistles now?

    • Susan Wendel is teaching Pauline Epistles! It will be awesome!