Off Topic: Christmas Craft Sale in Caronport

Next weekend, viagra November 30 to December 2, pilule I will be participating in the annual Christmas Craft Sale at Briercrest College and Seminary. This craft sale is in conjunction with the annual Christmas Concert put on by the music arts department at Briercrest. To those of you who live in Caronport or southern Saskatchewan and are planning to attend, cure please print off the attached coupon flyer to receive a discount on your Christmas shopping at my table. Merry Christmas!


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  • Susan B.

    Oooh, didn’t know you have crafts to add to your repertoire of giftings. Wish I could be there to see them! Had some fun times at the Christmas music programmes out there in years past. My favourite year featured a nativity play when something went wrong with the rigging wires in the ceiling of the chapel: the angel of the Lord descended backward, wings askew, white robe gaping open to reveal a pair of oversize boxer shorts and the poor fellow hung there, 25 feet in the air, for a couple of hours before anyone could get him down. Great fun for the rest of us!