Theology Round-Up December 2012

Reviews and Publishing News:

Nick Norelli reviews The Development of Christology during the First Hundred Years: and Other Essays on Early Christian Christology 

Ben Myers looks at the most important publishing events in 2012 in the field of theology.

Rod reviews Unfinished Business by Keri Day.

Jon Coutts reviews Rachel Held Evans’ A Year of Biblical Womanhood.

TC reviews the edited book Relational Theology: A Contemporary Introduction.

Stephen reviews Cold Case Christianity.

Michael Bird points us to a bunch of reviews for the Zondervan e-book series on Women in Ministry.

The International Journal of Systematic Theology has announced that Matthew Levering has been added to the journal’s editorial board.


Tim writes about how reflecting on the incarnation humbles him.

Gavin looks at Irenaeus’ doctrine of recapitulation and at Athanasius’ as well.

Brian LePort ponders the issue of overlap between Christian doctrine and pagan mythologies and how we should approach them.

Hermeneutics, rx Interpretation:

Brian offers three hermeneutical paradigms to use when studying the doctrine of the virgin birth.

Melanie Kampen argues that “that a preoccupation with historical accuracy in biblical interpretation is detrimental and stifling to a community of believers.”

Allan talks about the relationship between theology and history.

Life of a Professor; Life of a Grad Student:

Gavin offers his outline of how he would structure a course on Systematic Theology.

Kyle Roberts writes about how PhD programs need to start preparing its students to work outside the academy.

Mark Stevens on 10 things that seminary never taught you.

Ecclesiology, Life of the Church, Evangelism, Discipleship:

Why Wesleyans aren’t fundamentalists.

Brian wrestles with Ignatius of Antioch’s ecclesiology.

Leslie wrote about why just telling your “story’ is not necessarily the best way to share the gospel. Fred took her to task for her post, and Leslie wrote a followup post about what she learned from the criticism.

Conference Announcements, Other Announcements:

Stephen lets us know that the Apologetics Canada Conference is scheduled for March 1-2, 2013 in Abbotsford, B.C.

Knox Seminary has launched a D.Min in Theological Exegesis.


Frederick Smith writes about the danger of a Build-A-Bear Theology.

Rod offers his thoughts on omnipotence, theodicy and postcolonialism.

What is the relationship between theology and biblical theology? Matt Emerson also looks at the intersection of biblical theology and systematic theology.

Mike Wittmer ponders the Trinity and the doctrine of Simplicity.

David Bish declares that the“Trinity is unavoidable if we want to know who Jesus is.”

A humorous post on 10 movie proofs that Calvinism is false.

Michael Patton on the Irrationality of Calvinism.

Roger Olson posts a letter he received from a student who read “Against Calvinism”.

Christian Brady asks what is repentance?

Collin Hansen offers his top theology stories of 2012.

The Danger of Theological Novelty by Michael Patton.

Timothy Dalrymple reflects on James Dobson’s theology.

Did Barth really sum up his entire theology by quoting the children’s song “Jesus Loves Me”?

Gerald Ens considers the doctrine of creation ex nihilo and why it matters.



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