Theology Round-Up


Marc Cortez: It’s conference time.

Francis Beckwith: Getting ready for ETS.

Darren from Out of Bounds and his plans for AAR.

Shaun Tabett: Day 1 Recap.

Carmen Imes provides a handy guide to all the acronyms of ETS/SBL/AAR/IBR for the uninitiated, levitra and provides her final reflections on her conference experience.

Randal Rauser reflects on the plenary address given by Calvin Beisner.

Mike Wittmer was one of the poor souls who presented Friday afternoon when everyone had already left for SBL in Chicago.

Ken Schenck. Mark Goodacre. Brian LePort.

Hermeneutics, stuff Scripture, patient Interpretation:
Eric Ortlund asks When is an Interpretation of a Biblical Passage ‘True’?

The problem with literalism when it comes to Bible translation.

Peter Enns talks about how someone forgot to tell the Bible about the importance and centrality of inerrancy.

Karl Barth was an Arminian?!

An Evangelical and a Universalist Walk into the Bar: Marc Cortez looks at Barth and Universalism.

Reviews and Book Announcements:
Nick Norelli reviews Kent Van Til’s “The Moral Disciple: An Introduction to Christian Ethics”.

Daniel James Levy reviews The Bible Made Impossible by Christian Smith.

Wes Vander Lugt reviews Evangelical Calvinism: Essays Resourcing the Continuing Reformation of the Church.

Michael Bird points us to a new book, Understanding Biblical Theology, and Marc Cortez reviews it as well.

James Bolt reviews Trinity and Organism: Towards a New Reading of Herman Bavinck’s Organic Motif by James P. Eglinton.

Zondervan announced a new 15-volume series in constructive theology called New Studies in Dogmatics.

Life of an Academic; Life of a Student:
How should the church respond to the shrinking academic job market?

Should you quit your PhD?

Mark Stevens has finished his Masters’ thesis, and I took my last required class for my MA. Thesis should start in January!

How to write a research paper.

Six tips on presenting a paper at an academic conference.

Does the church need or want academics?

Why go to seminary?

John Stackhouse on grading as truth-telling.

Gender, Women in Ministry and Sex:
Ordination for women may be off the table in Roman Catholic churches, but the diaconate might be open to women who sense a call to ministry.

Women, theology and the evangelical ghetto.

Rachel Held Evans talks about the interview with Mary Kassian that was cut from her book.

Tony Jones writes an open letter to his female readers.

Christianity Today points us to a new study out of Biola that looks at women in Christian academia and “benevolent sexism.”

Fred Sanders, a complementarian, disagrees with the recent turn by other comps to turn the Trinity into an argument for headship and submission in marriage.

NT Wright argues that the argument that the Church of England needs to “get with the times” with regards to female bishops actually dilutes the argument for female bishops.

Sarah Coakley’s evaluation of the recent CoE vote about women bishops that failed to get the super-majority.

Sue Bornowsky challenges the idea that God was not at work in the vote on women bishops.

Scot asks, when is theology truly biblical?

Marc Cortez on Why and How to Study Theology.

A classic Michael Spencer post entitled “Why I hate theology”.

Helen asks Can Philosophy of Religion be an Acceptable Form of Apologetics? and Eric Ortlund talks about the Gospel and the Avengers.

Is Open Theism a type of Arminianism? Greg Boyd responds.

How Aquinas might be helpful for evangelicals.

Gregg Allison on 3 challenges to writing a contemporary theology of the church.

Why smug Atheists should read more science fiction.

Has Christianity lost a universal theology in favour of boutique theologies? That is, is Christianity experiencing the “balkanization of theology?”

Are Christians totally depraved?

The 9 papers on Christology for the LA Theology Conference have been announced.

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