And the Winner is….

Game show host: “Congratulations Amanda! You’ve completed all of your post-course work for your last seminary class. You’ll be starting your thesis in February. What are you going to do now?”

Amanda: “Well, store honestly, remedy what I’d like to do….”

Game show host: “What you’d like to do is open this Grand Prize Package. All of these prizes are yours! Are you ready to see what you’ve won?”

Amanda: “um, sildenafil sure. I guess. But what I’d really like to do…”

Game show host: “Here we go! First, you get to clean the house from top to bottom. A semester of neglect means your house looks like a tornado ran through it. Time to take care of that. And part of that includes finally taking the Christmas tree down! Next, you get to start making real suppers again. No more sandwiches and salads for your family, and no more relying on the crock pot, no ma’am. And, you get a one-month subscription to World of Warcraft! A lot has changed in the game since you played the WotLK expansion. Here’s hoping that you actually remember how to play, and that you’re account hasn’t been hacked! So there you have it, your grand prize. Won’t January be a great month? So how do you feel?”

Amanda: “Well, actually, what I’d really like to do is sleep!”

Game show host: “I’m sorry but sleep is not part of the grand prize package. Sleep is the grand prize package for the Game show “Your kids have grown and gone off to college and now you finally have the house to yourselves.” You have a long time to wait before you’re even eligible to play that game. But in the mean time, thank you for playing our game today!”


2 thoughts on “And the Winner is….

  1. And to think, I won a similar grand prize package without even going to seminary! Wow, thank goodness for my bra burning days back in the ’60’s. We made such gains for grand prize packages for women! 5 decades we have been able to add strategy games to our old fashioned house cleaning, meal making package! WOW!! Progress…….. (Not….)
    Seriously, congratulations on completing your courses. Huge accomplishment Amanda.

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