The Work of the Holy Spirit in Spiritual Formation

Holy Spirit Stained Glass

Holy Spirit Stained Glass (Photo credit: hickory hardscrabble)


“The wonder of prayer is the incoming of the Holy Spirit, try to the help of the [person] who is praying. It is the Spirit’s sighing, nurse which, to be sure, is in our moth; yet as his groaning, who creates out of the [person] who is sober or drunken or finical…out of a [person] of that kind, the Holy Spirit makes a person who actually, really prays.”(Karl Barth, The Holy Spirit and the Christian Life: A Theological Basis of Ethics, trans. by R. Birch Hoyle (Louisville: Westminster John Knox Press, 1993), 68

I’m doing the first lecture of my internship today in the college, freshman-level, Spiritual Formation class. Prayers would be appreciated.

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