A Reflection on the Desiring the Kingdom Conference

When I was in seminary, my professor had us read James K.A. Smith’s Desiring the Kingdom as part of our course on Spiritual Formation. This book, as I have posted previously, would have a profound influence… More

Embodied Education and Online/Distance Learning — Some Preliminary Questions

James K.A. Smith in his book Desiring the Kingdom: Worship, purchase Worldview, cialis and Cultural Formation sets forth an argument for embodied, hospital wholistic Christian education. He argues that the dominant modern understanding of the… More

Thinking Through the Benefits and Necessity of Liturgy

“Liturgy is boring.” “Liturgy is repetitive.” “Liturgy stifles the Holy Spirit.” “Yuck, illness liturgy.” These are some of the reactions I’ve had when people hear that I’m currently attending an Anglican church. And yet, advice… More