Canadian Christian Blogs


Codex by Tyler Williams. Tyler teaches at King’s in Edmonton. His blog is a great resource for OT, Septuagint and Dead Sea Scroll information.

Notes from a Byzantine-Rite Calvinist by David Koyzis. David teaches political science at Redeemer in Ancaster. He also contributes to First Things: Evangel. At his blog you’ll find commentary on politics, worship and the church in general.

Theommentary by David Guretzki. David teaches theology at Briercrest College and Seminary. If you like Karl Barth, this is the blog for you.

Gervatoshav by David Miller. David teaches NT at Briercrest College and Seminary.

John Stackhouse’s blog. John Stackhouse teaches at Regent College in Vancouver. His blog includes a little bit of everything, from history, to Canadian issues to theology.

Scatterings by Eric Ortlund. Eric teaches Old Testament at Briercrest College and Seminary. Eric’s blog is a great place to go and read about grace. Also, if you like martial arts this is the place to hang out. Eric’s wife, Erin, has a family blog called Prairie Road.

Bylogos by John Byl, professor of mathematical sciences out at TWU.

Who Wants to Be a Registrar? by Grant MacMillan. Grant works at Trinity Western University (and Briercest prior to that).

The Politics of the Cross Resurrected by Craig Carter. Dr. Carter teaches theology and ethics at Tyndale College and Seminary.

Texas Flood by Tim Perry. Tim is an Anglican Priest and Associate Professor of Theology and Ethics at Providence Theological Seminary.

Randal Rauser‘s blog. Randal Rauser is professor of theology at Taylor Seminary in Edmonton, Alberta.

James Pedlar‘s blog. James is a doctoral student at Wycliffe at UofT and also teaches part-time at Tyndale and Booth University College.

A Blind Date with Destiny by Brian Westnedge. Brian works in continuing and distance education at Briercrest College and Seminary.

Effective Youth Ministry. Ken Moser is professor of youth ministry at Briercrest College.


Freedom Log by Frank Emanuel. Frank is a doctoral student and pastors a Vineyard church in Ottawa. He is also a long-time gamer!

Eclectic Christian by Mike Bell. Mike lives in southern Ontario and also contributes over at Internet Monk. by Tim Challies. I had been reading Tim’s blog for about a year before I even realized it was a Canadian blog! Tim’s blog is the place to go for daily random news from around the internet. He also provides great reviews of books.

Covenant of Love by Derek Ouellette. Derek lives in Southern Ontario and is studying Classical Civilizations at U of W. He also attends a Nazarene church (woot!).

A Living Alternative by Jamie Arpin-Ricci. Jamie is an urban missionary in Winnipeg, affiliated with YWAM and is a Franciscan.

DashHouse by Darryl Dash. Darryl pastors Richview Church in Toronto. Darryl has joined the cool kids and deactivated his Facebook account.

Jordon by Jordon Cooper. Jordon lives in Saskatoon Saskatchewan and works for the Salvation Army. Jordon posts on faith, and technology and everything in between.

Based on a True Story by Nathan Colquhoun. Nathan is a church planter in Sarnia Ontario and is affiliated with the Free Methodists.

Rumblings by Ryan Dueck. Rumblings is a Christian Century Network Blog. Ryan is a pastor at Neighbourhood Church on beautiful Vancouver Island.

Apologia by Stephen Bedard. Stephen went to MacDiv (yay Hamilton!) and is currently pastoring in Meaford, Ontario.

Scotteriology by Scott Bailey. From Alberta, Scott is currently out in BC at Trinity Western.

Open Hands by Mark Petersen. Mark is in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area).

New Epistles by Kevin Sam. Kevin works with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada, serving in rural Canada.

Scott’s Thoughts by Scott Kohler. Scott is a pastor out in New Brunswick.

The Eagle and Child by Marc Vandersluys. Marc is an M.Div student out at Providence Seminary in Manitoba.

Rear View Mirror by Ian Clary. Ian is part of a church plant in Toronto, Ontario.

Yinkahdinay by Wes Bredenhof. Dr. Bredenhof is the pastor at Providence Canadian Reformed Church in Hamilton, Ontario.

Emerging Mummy by Sarah. Sarah lives on the West Coast, works for Mercy Ministries of Canada and blogs about a wide variety of topics.

Maritimers by Rev. Nick Phillips. Nick is a United Church pastor down east.

Sacred Imperfections by Jennifer Galicinski. Jennifer is based out of Vancouver, British Columbia and is a student at Regent.

Adam Rumball‘s blog. Adam is a pastor in Toronto, Ontario.

Anglican Essentials. AE is run by Peter, Scott, Kate and David.

Edhird’s Blog by Rev. Ed Hird. Ed is rector at an Anglican church in Vancouver, BC. Julian is doing an M.Div at Toronto Baptist Seminary and is a member of Grace Fellowship Church in Rexdale, Ontario.

Love in Truth by Trevor Peck. Trevor lives in Sault St. Marie, Ontario.

Good News For Toronto by Paul McDonald.

Jeff Clarke‘s blog.

New West Anglican Blog (A blog from the Anglican diocese of New Westminister in B.C.)

After Orthodoxy by Spencer Boersma. (Spencer is doing doctoral studies at Wycliffe at U of T, and was born in my neck of the woods — The Greater Hamilton Area).

Blogging Theologically by Aaron Armstong. Aaron lives in London, Ontario.

Sue’s Views by Sue Bornowsky. Sue lives in rural Saskatchewan.

Bubs Blurbs by Donald McKenzie. Donald is an Anglican Priest in the Diocese of Rupert’s Land.

April Yamasaki‘s blog. April is the lead pastor at Emmanuel Mennonite Church in Abbotsford B.C. Also, check out Emmanuel Mennonite’s church blog here.

Penny at Prairie Living. Penny lives in Alberta.

Andrew Rozalowsky’s blog. Andrew is at McMaster Divinity in Hamilton, Ontario.

Emerging-Anabaptist by Ryan Robinson. Ryan lives in Toronto, Ontario.

Ortus Memoria is a group blog with multiple authors who are or who have been affiliated with Canadian Mennonite University in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Faith Filled Reading by Shan. Shan lives in Toronto, Ontario.