2010 in Review — Top Posts

Last week I posted my favourite posts of 2010. Today I list the top posts based on page hits.

10. Big Tent Christianity. My contribution to a synchroblog back in August.

9. Why Christians Shouldn’t Worry About the Neuropsychology of Religion. A guest post by Charles Hackney.

8. Training Up Pastors — Issues for Female Pastors. Part of the Training Up Pastors series that I wrote.

7. Training Up Pastors — Going to Seminary. Another installment in the Training Up Pastors series.

6. A Letter to the Church in North America — Canada. This was part of a synchroblog I participated in.

5. Canadian Christian Blogs. I have put a permanent link to this ever-growing list of fantastic blogs up at the top of my blog.

4. Vampires, stuff Werewolves and Christians, doctor Oh My! I loved this post. Of course any time I can bash Twilight, it’s a good day.

3. Clark Pinnock — Obituary and Write-ups. This was just a post linking to some of the great tributes to Pinnock after his passing.

2. Genesis 1-3: Asking the Wrong Questions?

1. Christians and Immigration. I wrote this post as part of a synchroblog. It continues to get hits every week through weird google search terms like, “how canada churchs can helps me imagrate to canada”.

Books I’m Most Proud to Have on My Shelf

Yesterday, view I posted the most embarrassing books on my bookshelf. Today, stuff here is a few of the books that I am most proud:

Someone very special got me the entire Church Dogmatics for Christmas. They take up an entire shelf all on their own. They will come in very handy when I take “Theology of Barth” this January.

I managed to pick up the TDNT really cheap off of Christianbook.com a couple of years ago. They fill one whole shelf by themselves.

This book best displays my warped sense of humour. My favourite scene is when Marvin manages to disable the enemy fleet, by making them so depressed that they commit suicide. No matter how many times I read it, that scene always make me laugh out loud.

And of course, no bookshelf should be without this awesome, awesome, awesome book. Of course, I could be biased, but that doesn’t matter, I’m still right.

Fall Issue of Journal of Psychology and Christianity

The newest issue of the Journal of Psychology and Christianity is out (just not available online yet).

Check out the article by Charles Hackney, store “Sanctification as a Source of Theological Guidance in the Construction of a Christian Positive Psychology.” JPC 29 (2010), pg 195-207.