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Easter Week Services

If you live in the southern Saskatchewan area and are looking for some Easter week services, here is what is going on at St. Aidan Anglican Church in Moose Jaw:

Palm Sunday Celebration

Sunday, April 1, 10:30 a.m.

Holy Tuesday
Taize Service 7 p.m.

Holy Wednesday
Tenebrae, 7 p.m. (Psalms and readings marking the themes of despair and darkness just before Jesus’ ultimate victory over death.)

Maundy Thursday
Agape Meal 6 p.m.
Holy Eucharist with Foot-Washing 7 p.m.

Good Friday
Stations of the Cross 10 a.m.
Celebration of the Lord’s Passion 3 p.m.

Easter Sunday, April 8
Lighting of the New Fire, blessing of the Paschal Candle and select readings from the Great Vigil 7:30 a.m.
Full breakfast after the service 8 a.m.
Easter Sunday Celebration of the Lord’s Resurrection with Holy Eucharist at 10:30 am

Easter Sunday

Good Friday

“It cannot be emphasized too strongly that God’s love is the source, not the consequence, of the atonement. As P.T. Forsyth expressed it, ‘the atonement did not procure grace, it flowed from grace.’ God does not love us because Christ died for us; Christ died for us because God loved us.”
John Stott, The Cross of Christ, pg 174.

Another Adventure In Anglicanism

Next week is Holy Week. The Anglican church that I’m attending has announced the various services that will be going on throughout the week. I’m impressed with how many services there are.

Palm Sunday — Palm Sunday service.

Holy Tuesday — Taize service in the evening.

Holy Wednesday — Tenebrae service in the evening.

Maundy Thursday — Service with foot-washing in the evening.

Good Friday — Two services. Morning service will be the Stations of the Cross. Afternoon service is a more traditional service.

Holy Saturday — Morning service.

Easter Sunday — Early morning service with the Lighting of the New Fire. Resurrection service at regular morning church time.

I don’t think I’ve ever been to a church that has had this much planned for Easter. There is so much to experience! Unfortunately, with Easter being so late this year, Holy Week is also Grad week here at the college, which means we won’t be able to do it all.

I would love to check out the Wednesday Tenebrae service, but it’s Grad banquet night.

We’re hoping to get to the Maundy Thursday service, but it depends when the Graduation ceremony finishes.

I think we’re aiming for the Good Friday ‘Stations of the Cross’ service in the morning. I have never done the Stations of the Cross, but have been following the Station reflections being posted over at Internet Monk.

And, of course, we will be attending the Resurrection service Sunday morning.

I had assumed that Holy days like this were big deals, which means more people in attendance. But I really don’t know what to expect with this week of services. I thought Ash Wednesday was going to be packed, and instead it was very intimate.

Music for Easter Weekend

I’ve been contemplating music for worship services on Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday to complement the traditional hymns that are a staple of the celebration weekend. Here are a few selections:

    Good Friday:

In Christ Alone by Stuart Townend and Keith Getty. A modern hymn.

Son of God by Starfield. Shout out to a Canadian Christian band. The first verse talks about how Jesus was a gift for us, a gift of love that was broken on an altar not of judgment or punishment, but the altar of love. And then chorus is the cry of the Church, “Jesus O Holy One/ I sing to you forgiven/ Saviour I’m overcome/ With your great love for me”.

    Resurrection Sunday:

Christ is Risen by Matt Maher. From his album “Alive Again” this song starts off haunting and builds to a strong confession of faith.

My Redeemer Lives by Reuben Morgan. Over ten years old now, this is one of my favourites for setting the tone on Resurrection Sunday.