Random Blog Posts and Stuff

Christianity Today has an excerpt from Mark Galli’s new book Chaos and Grace: Discovering the Liberating Work of the Holy Spirit. Given the reading I’ve been doing for class, find this might be a book to add to the pile at some point.

Patheos is doing a symposium on The Future of Seminary Education. There’s lots to read!

Thomas Jay Oord offers ten reasons why men should not be pastors:

10. A man’s place is in the army.

9. For men who have children, their duties might distract them from the responsibilities of being a parent.

8. Their physical build indicates that men are more suited to tasks such as chopping down trees and wrestling mountain lions. It would be “unnatural” for them to do other forms of work.

7. Man was created before woman. It is therefore obvious that man was a prototype. Thus, they represent an experiment, rather than the crowning achievement of creation.

6. Men are too emotional to be priests or pastors. This is easily demonstrated by their conduct at football games and watching basketball tournaments.

5. Some men are handsome; they will distract women worshipers

Read the other five reasons here.


In gaming news: is this a joke? The new expansion for World of Warcraft is Kung Fu Panda meets Pokemon? I think it’s a good thing I’ve unplugged from the world of WOW.

An Overall Feeling of “Meh”

* The blogosphere is all aflutter with the release of the translator’s notes and online preview of the new NIV 2011. I blog about the Bible and theology and stuff, prostate I should be excited right? I think I have translation fatigue. Or Bible translation/edition cynicism. At a practical level, find how many churches are going to rush out and replace their NIV pew Bibles for NIV 2011 pew Bibles? Other than seminary students and scholars, cialis who is really excited by this news? Do I really need another translation on my shelf? I have at least 7 already. Meh.


* Today is Election Day in the U.S. I have been avoiding the politics tab at Fark.com for weeks because of the craziness of this election. Tea Party, Barack Obama, Restore the Sanity. Blah, blah, blah. I’m not even in the U.S. and I have election fatigue. How much worse would it be if I had cable television? As my mother-in-law has said, “I’ll be glad when the election is over, because then they’ll stop running the attack ads 24/7.” I know Canadian elections are boring compared to the U.S. elections, but I’d take a civilized Canadian election over this crazy election, any day. Meh.


* The hostile takeover bid of Potash Corp. has hit media saturation. I can’t go to a single Canadian news site, read my daily paper, or listen to the radio in the car, without someone mentioning that the Canadian government will decide this week whether the bid by BHP Billiton can stand. And it’s not just Saskatchewan news outlets that are covering it ad nausem. Now of course, you could say, “but you should care! You saw what happened when Stelco Steel in Hamilton got bought by foreign (in this case US) interests.” True, but Stelco was a disaster of a company prior to the sale, and it’s a disaster even after it’s sale to US Steel. Look at it’s neighbour Dofasco. Dofasco got scooped by ArcelorMittal, and is now a subsidiary of the steel giant. And it doesn’t have the drama and chaos that Stelco continues to have. The sale of Potash Corp is not the end of the world. Meh.


Ever since the new mega patch came out in advance of Cataclysm, World of Warcraft has been unplayable for me. I can check my mail and go to the auction house, and that’s about it. I’ve even tried playing on a low-level toon away from the crowds in Dalaran (aka “Lag”-laran), but the framerate still sucks. While it is frustrating, I have been feeling overall bleh towards the game, even before this patch chaos. Is Cataclysm going to make the game different, or will it be more of the same, just updated? Do I really want to shell out money for the X-pac in December? I probably will buy it, but I still say Meh.

So what are you feeling “meh” about today?